Setup Guide - Sync with People app on Windows 8 (via Google or Microsoft account)

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DejaOffice does not sync directly with the People application on Windows 8 devices like the Surface RT or Surface Pro. This guide will help you sync to the People app via Google or a Microsoft account.

Syncing contacts to the Windows 8 People application

Install and configure CompainonLink If you haven't already done so, install CompanionLink on your PC. If you need to download CompanionLink, visit our downloads page.

  1. Open the CompanionLink icon from your desktop or start menu.
  2. In the first dropdown please select one of these three:
    • No Device - Sync with Google
    • No Device - Sync with Live
    • No Device - Sync with Office 365 - Cloud
  3. Click on the Settings icon to enter your account information
  4. In the bottom drop down, please select the database you wish to sync with.

Configure the Windows 8 tablet to synchronize with an account like Google or

  1. Open the People application
  2. In the top right corner, tap on Connected to...
  3. Tap to Add an account & enter required information

Performing a Sync
Synchronization can be performed at any time by clicking the "Synchronize" button.

If you're using a Windows Phone 8 device and not a Windows 8 tablet

You can find instructions on syncing to the People app Here.