Palm Desktop version 4 on Windows Vista or 7 (seven)

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Palm Desktop version 4.x commonly has problems when it is installed to the default location on Windows Vista/7. Often when attempting to sync with ComapanionLink, an error message saying that a specific conduit is not found, i.e. Palm Contacts Not Found. Please follow these steps:

  1. Create a new folder on the main drive named "Palm", i.e. C:\Palm
  2. Open Palm Desktop
  3. Click on Tools then Options.
  4. In the first tab, General, that is open, click on Browse and navigate to the directory you just created and press Ok
  5. Go in to CompanionLink Setup and confirm the Palm Username then try to sync again

If you need additional help, CompanionLink offers more advanced support and setup solutions. We have our RunStart service that allows us to expertly configure CompanionLink for you. To purchase this service plese go to: