Linking appointments with Outlook, Windows CE, Windows Mobile, Pocket PC

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Outlook, Windows CE and Pocket PC

The process is similar with Outlook, Windows CE and Pocket PC handhelds, except that the Link information goes into the notes area, not the description. These handhelds do not have a Phone Lookup feature.

You may also link to a contact by using the same linking format as you have selected on the Calendar Format tab in CompanionLink Setup.

NOTE: If you select No Format or CompanionLink Original, you must link to the contact in the same manner as described in the Palm section above.

To find your Calendar Format tab:

1.Run CompanionLink Setup.

2.Click on Settings, Next and Configure.

3.Click on the Calendar Format tab.

4.When you are done, click Apply, OK, Next and Finish.

For example, if you select Description Preceded By Link Name, you will see an example on the right that says: "Call-Jane Smith: Followup". To link an activity on your handheld, you would enter the subject of the activity in the same format. In this case, that would be the type of the activity, followed by a hyphen, then the contact's name, then a colon, a space, and the subject of the activity.