How to use DejaOffice to send a Message to a Co-Worker like PHONEslips

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DejaOffice PC CRM offers a "Notify" option that acts like the Message system of PHONEslips. Please note, the Notify option only works for Multi-User Databases stored on a network drive that all users access.

Install DejaOffice PC CRM Pro and Setup Multi-User Mode

  1. Use the following link to install the latest version of DejaOffice PC CRM Pro: Download DejaOffice PC CRM Pro.
  2. Once installed, use the following guide to setup Multi User mode. Setup Multi-User Mode.
  3. Using the Database Settings Move the DejaOffice PC CRM Database file to a network drive that each user can access. Move PC CRM Database to a Network Drive
  4. Repeat Step 1 for any other users that need access to the database, then Open the Network database on those machines. Open a Network Database from a Local Machine

Be sure each PC that accesses the database from a local machine already has a user setup from Step 2 and when that local machine opens the database for the first time the local user should enter their personal username.

Enabling DejaOffice PC CRM Notify

  1. Open DejaOffice PC CRM.
  2. Select Settings and choose General Settings.
  3. Set the CRM Style to PHONEslips. (Note: You can also enable just the Notify option in the Database Settings).

The following settings are also automatically set when selecting the PHONEslips CRM Style:

  • Alarm Settings - Notification Style is set to Detail Mode (Individual Alarm Popups for each Event\Call\Task).
  • Alarm Settings - Enables the "Alarm Sound" option to play a tone when an Alarm Notification appears.
  • Enables User checking when in Multi-User mode to show when assigned user was last logged in.
  • History Settings - Disables "Use History Application".

Schedule for Other Users

To schedule Tasks, Events or Memos for other users:

  1. Open the DejaOffice Calendar, Tasks or Memos and click the + to create a new record.
  2. Once you have the information filled into the record, in the top right select the Owner dropdown and change it to the desired recipient.

When a record is set to an Owner other than the one currently logged in the Notify box will automatically be checked.

  • Note: If the owner the record is scheduled for is not logged in or has not logged in in the past minute, you will get a warning allowing you to click Cancel. This will return you to the Edit Panel to select a different Owner. When the person turns on their computer, DejaOffice PC CRM will run automatically. The user will see the message at that time.

What the Scheduled Owner Sees


The User that the Event, Task or Memos will see a popup on their screen notifying them. A Taskbar icon for the record will appear and continue to flash until the record is accepted or rejected.

If a scheduled user clicks "Cancel" the record is reassigned to the original user that scheduled it.

Tips for Scheduling


Multi-User Day View: When you enable Multi-User mode a new option will appear on the left bar of the DejaOffice PC CRM for Multi User Day View. This view allows you to display a single day side by side for other users. To add\remove users from the dispaly:

  1. In DejaOffice PC CRM select Multi-User Day View.
  2. Select the 3 bars in the top right and choose Users.
  3. Select\Deselect and users you want to see or remove from the Day View and click Ok.

You will now see a day view panel for each selected user. For more information Click Here for the Multi-User Day View guide.