How to map Act! Contacts and Activities with Outlook Color Categories

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Act! does not use Categories exactly like Outlook there are ways of creating Categories in Outlook from fields in Act!.

Mapping Contact ID\Status from Act! to Outlook Categories


By default CompanionLink will map the ID\Status Field from Act! your Contacts to Outlook Categories. This field in Act! is most similar to Outlook Categories.

Changing the Category Field:
If you have created a User Field in Act! you would like to use to create Outlook Categories, you can change the Category Field Setting in CompanionLink:

  1. Open CompanionLink on the PC.
  2. Select Settings on the Left and Advanced in the bottom left.
  3. Select the Category Field Tab at the top.
  4. Change the drop down to select the User Field from Act! you want syncing to Outlook as the Category.

Act! does not support Colors for Categories like Outlook. On the first sync the ID\Status (or User Field) will create a category in Outlook automatically, but Outlook will assign a random color to the new Category. You change this color in Outlook using the Categories Menu after the sync completes and all categories are populated in Outlook.

Act! Activities and Outlook Color Categories


Act! Activities do not have a "Category Field" like contacts. However, if a Contact in Act! has an ID\Status (or User Field), setting the "Schedule With" in an Act! Activity will sync the ID\Status (or User Field) of the Linked Contact from Act! to the Category of the Outlook Event.

Act! Activity Color:

Act! Activities do have the ability to set a Color. Colors in Outlook are linked to Categories, since this color in Act! does not contain a corresponding value, "colors" set in Act! Activities will not sync to Outlook as categories. See the screenshot below.