How to clear out a webOS device and re-sync from the PC via USB

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The following steps will allow you to completely clear out your webOS device, and re-establish the sync from your PC database. This may resolve issues if the purge and reload option in CompanionLink is not properly updating the device with the current data from the PC database.

Assuming the data in your PC database is currently up-to-date and correct, please do the following. If the data on the PC is not correct, please attempt the following after first restoring a backup if one is available or otherwise cleaning up the PC database manually.

Uninstall CL USB Sync and delete its database file from the phone

  1. Verify that all your important data is in the PC database and make a backup of that data
  2. Close CompanionLink and its system tray icon on the computer
  3. Open the Windows Task Mangaer (CTRL-SHIFT-Del) and, from the processes tab, close the companionlink.exe process if it is present
  4. On the webOS device, uninstall CL USB sync by holding down on the square button to the left of the ‘z’ key then tapping on the CL USB sync icon in the webOS launcher; you will receive a message allowing you to uninstall the app
  5. After uninstalled, connect the webOS device to the computer as a USB drive and navigate to it from Windows
  6. Open the .app-storage folder, then delete the folder with “companionlink” in its name (if present). The .app-storage folder may be hidden and, if it is, you will need to change the relevant setting in Windows Control Panel's folder options. After deleting this folder, safely disconnect the webOS device from the PC
  7. Disconnect the device from the computer

Verify the CL USB Sync accounts are gone from the phone

  1. On the webOS device, go into calendar then, from the menu on the upper-left, select "preferences and accounts"; verify that there is no longer a CL USB sync account
  2. If there is still a calendar account, please wait at least 10 minutes with your phone on open it, then choose remove account; this can take a number of minutes to complete
  3. Next, go into the phone contacts, then from the menu on the upper-left, select "preferences and accounts"
  4. If there is still a CL USB Sync account, tap on it to verify the number of contacts, then tap OK
  5. Wait 10 minutes with the phone on
  6. Tap on the CL USB Sync contact account again. If the number of contacts has decreased, wait until the account disappears. If the number of contacts has not decreased, continue on with the remainder of the steps.

Re-install CL USB Sync and re-sync from the PC

  1. Reinstall CL USB sync from the webOS App Catalog; after reinstalling, open CL USB sync on the webOS device
  2. If you are asked if you want to use an existing account, respond yes, otherwise create a new CL USB Sync account
  3. Make sure you have the proper settings for your sync in CompanionLink Setup on the PC then, from the options menu, enable "purge and reload all"
  4. Perform a sync as you would normally