HP/Palm webOS How to delete CL USB Sync App from the Phone

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[AB42737] Here are some easy instructions on how to remove CL USB Sync from webOS devices, and to remove all data synced over by CompanionLink:

On the device, uninstall CL USB Sync:

  1. Hold down the white (orange on the original Pre) shift button (this is a big square button next to the letter "z") and tap on the CL USB Sync icon.
  2. Select Delete.

Deleting the application removes the Synergy account. Removing the Synergy account will remove all the Contact and Calendar data. The device may take several minutes to completely remove the data if there is a lot of it.

If the CL USB Sync accounts fail to delete automatically, you can soft-reset the phone to see if this will clear them. Do not proceed until they are completely cleared.

After you verify all the data has been deleted, you can re-install CL USB Sync if you want to synchronize from the PC.