Troubleshooting USB Sync with webOS

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webOS uses a system called Synergy where Contacts and Calendar data are kept in different Accounts. Each Account is tied to a Sync System. CompanionLink will synchronize your Contacts and Calendar with the "CL USB Sync" Account.

If the data on the Pre is not in the “CL USB Sync” account, CompanionLink will not be able to sync it to the PC.

To check, open the contact or calendar record. At the top right corner of the screen, you will see an icon that denotes which account the record is in. The Palm account will show the “HotSync” arrows, a Google account will show Google’s “G”, CL USB Sync with show CompanionLink’s person icon.

If a contact record is not in the CL USB Sync account, you will need to recreate the contact, selecting the CL USB Sync account when you create it.

If a calendar record is not in the CL USB Sync account, you can edit the event and change the account it is attached to.

Also, please remember the sync is a multi-step process. If you’ve added or updated data on the device, first open CL USB Sync on the device and push the “Sync” button here. This prepares the data to sync with the PC. Next, connect the USB cable and choose “USB Drive” on the screen. Then sync on the PC to transfer the data between the PC and the device.

Finally, disconnect the device, open CL USB Sync again, and push the sync button there to complete the transfer of any data from the PC side to the device.

For a detailed USB Sync setup guide, see: