ERSP: How to Export All Contacts off a webOS Device, Regardless of Account

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These steps will allow you to export contacts off your webOS device into a vcard file, regardless of the account they exist in on the phone. This can be useful when, for instance, attempting to set up a USB sync with CompanionLink to a webOS 1.x device, but contacts exist in an account other than the CL USB Sync account (e.g. the Palm Profile account). You are able to import vcard files into most major PC based contact managers.

Please do the following:

  1. Open dialer app on your phone
  2. Type ##66623# into the dialer (Note: you should be able to do this by holding down the square button to the left of the 'z' key)
  3. Tap the "CelleBrite Export" button. This process will create a vcard file on your phones internal memory
  4. Connect your phone to the computer via a USB cable, then choose "USB Drive" on the phone
  5. On the PC, open the phone as a removable drive, and navigate to the .temp folder (Note: this folder may be hidden and, if so, you will have to change Folder Options in the Windows Control Panel to allow you to see hidden files and folder)
  6. You will find a file called PmMigration.vcf in the .temp folder; this is the vcard export of your contacts. You can import this to your PC database, or merely copy it to your computer for safe-keeping.