Due to Android Security changes DejaOffice Backups require a Public Folder for storage

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The most recent version of DejaOffice for Android build 4.4.57 (1524) contains a new prompt to Select a Storage folder for Persistent Backups.

Before Android OS 11 the DejaOffice data folder was stored in a Local Folder which would "survive" the app being uninstalled. In Android OS 11 and higher Google forced all apps to move their data folders to a new location. As a result of this change if the DejaOffice app is uninstalled, this would also remove your backups. This new prompt will ask you to grant permission to a folder outside of the new location that can persist if the app is uninstalled.

How to Clear This Message:

  1. Tap the Select Folder option.
  2. Tap "Allow Access" at the bottom of the File Browser that opens.
  • Note: The Default folder will be Documents, but if you want to select a different folder you can.

If you ever uninstall DejaOffice, on purpose or by mistake, your data will be restorable.

How to Change the Backup Folder After Setting It:

  1. Open DejaOffice, tap Settings and tap Logging and Support Settings.
  2. Tap and hold on Backup Database.
  3. This will open the folder selection prompt, select your new folder and tap "Allow Access".