Syncing to Android calendar app is not recommended

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DejaOffice is capable of syncing with both the built-in Android contacts and calendar apps. These options can be configured in DejaOffice Settings > Sync Settings. The options are "Sync with Android Contacts app" and "Sync with Android Calendar app", respectively.

While we do recommend synchronizing to the Android contacts app for the purposes of enabling phone features such as caller ID and voice dialing, we do not recommend doing so for the Android calendar. The primary reason for this is that the Android calendar does not support all calendar recurrence patterns supported by DejaOffice and other PC databases. This includes weekday recurring events from Outlook, custom recurring events from Lotus Notes, and any annual recurring like birthdays that predate 1975. For this reason, it is possible that the sync will damage these types of events in DejaOffice and on the PC when reading data back from the phone calendar.

In general, the DejaOffice calendar should provide all major functionality provided by the Android calendar. In terms of making the DejaOffice calendar more useful, please note that you are able to add a shortcut to the Android home screen using the "Shortcuts" mini app in DejaOffice. You are also able to add two different sized DejaToday widgets to the Android home screen by using the widget sub-menu. On most phones this is done with the following steps:

  1. Find or create empty space on the home screen that can hold the widget you wish to add
  2. Press and hold on the empty space
  3. Choose "Widget" from the resulting context menu
  4. Select either "DejaToday (4x1)" or "DejaToday (4x4)"