Data disappears from Palm Desktop 6.2.2

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Palm Desktop 6.2.2 data disappeared from PC

To Restore the Palm Desktop data from the Palm Backup folder in the Companionlink User folder:

1. Find out where the address.mdb file path is on your PC: Click Start and then Search for the file name address.mdb When the files start to appear, there may be multiple files to choose from, choose the file with the exact name... address.mdb & check the date to determine which one has been accessed recently. Write down the Path to this file....close the search window.

2. Find the backup file: Open Windows Explorer, depending on your Windows OS Find the Companionlink User folder: XP:

C:/Documents and Settings/your "User" folder/application data/Companionlink/Companionlink


C:/Users/(your Windows Username)/AppData/Roaming/Companionlink/companionlink

In the companionlink user folder there should be a Palm Backup Folder, double click and open the folder: To Restore the Address Book click your Palm User folder , then the addressbook folder. Find the addressbook.00? file that looks to be larger then the current file, it should be an indication of which of the different .001-.002-.003 etc files has the missing data still included in it.

Right click and Copy the file... Paste the file into the current Palm Desktop User folder. See step 3 for help.

3. Restore the backup file to the Palm user folder: Scroll now in the left window still in the Windows Explorer tree to the Path you found in Step 1. Right click and Paste this back up file in the same Palm User folder in the address folder. Now Right click and Rename the current address.mdb file to address.old. Then Right click on the backup file you just pasted here and Rename it to address.mdb Minimize Windows Explorer. Open the Palm Desktop and check to see if the adresses are restored... 4. Repeat this process for each type of lost Palm Desktop data...respectively. i.e. datebook.mdb todo etc...

5. With the data now restored to the Palm Destop Close and Reopen the Palm Desktop.

6. Reset Companionlink to do a Purge and Reload of the Palm Desktop data to the Handheld.