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Sync multiple users - DoubleLook Enterprise

How It Works

DoubleLook Enterprise synchronizes data for multiple users. Instead of installing and managing synchronization software on each user's PC, simply install DoubleLook Enterprise on one PC or server that is always on. Each user you wish to sync data for is configured as a Profile through our User Management Console. DoubleLook Enterprise works 24/7 to keep data for all Profiles synchronized.

Sync contacts, calendar, tasks/to-dos, notes, histories, and other information from your Contact Manager or CRM to your phone, tablet, or Google account.

Supported Contact Managers and CRMs

Configuration Options

There are two ways to configure DoubleLook Enterprise.

1. Direct sync to mobile devices using our DejaCloud service. Data is synchronized using our secure cloud servers hosted by a dedicated team at Rackspace. (Read more about our commitment to data privacy.) This option is perfect for instant and automatic synchronization for multiple users and multiple devices. DejaCloud synchronizes direct with Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry.

2. Sync to Google - your contacts, calendar, and tasks/to-dos sync to Google Contacts, Google Calendar, and Google Tasks. You can then use Google's recommended integration with supported mobile devices. This option is perfect if you rely on Google as a hub for mobile devices.


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Sync to mobile using DejaCloud

Sync to Google