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Sync Outlook Business Contact Manager to phones, tablets, cloud services, and other CRM platforms

Contacts, accounts, calendar, tasks, notes, communication history, projects, and more!

Outlook BCM BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm OS, Windows Mobile

How it works

CompanionLink will sync your Outlook Business Contact Manager data to your phone or tablet. Get complete contact details, calendar appointments linked to contacts, categories with colors, task priorities, communication histories like business phone logs, and much more on your device. You can choose from direct sync (USB, WiFi) or our new DejaCloud wireless sync designed to work effortlessly with multiple devices like a phone and tablet.

CompanionLink can also be used to sync BCM data to your regular Outlook folders. This facilitates integration with existing enterprise services like Exchange Activesync (EAS), BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), or iCloud.

Outlook & Outlook BCM Data We Sync

Supported versions of Outlook BCM

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