Samsung Galaxy S5 Outlook Sync

Sync Outlook calendar, contacts, alarms, tasks, notes, categories, journal, and more. No Exchange required.

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Sync standalone Microsoft Outlook (no Exchange required) with Samsung Galaxy S5:

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Direct USB Sync

Securely sync Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and notes via secure USB.

Local Wi-Fi Sync

Sync with Outlook automatically via your local Wi-Fi network whenever you are near your PC.

Sync via Google

Sync Outlook contacts and calendar to Google. Your device automatically stays in sync.

CL Secure Hosted Wireless

Hosted wireless sync - $9.95/month. Secure wireless sync without the cloud.

What would you like to sync with Samsung Galaxy S5

Sync with Outlook
Sync Samsung Galaxy S5 with Microsoft Outlook
Sync with Palm Desktop
Sync Samsung Galaxy S5 with Palm Desktop
Sync with ACT!
Sync Samsung Galaxy S5 with Sage ACT!
Sync with Lotus Notes
Sync Samsung Galaxy S5 with IBM Lotus Notes
Sync with GoldMine
Sync Samsung Galaxy S5 with FrontRange GoldMine
Sync with GroupWise
Sync Samsung Galaxy S5 with Novell GroupWise
Sync with Time And Chaos
Sync Samsung Galaxy S5 with Time & Chaos
Sync with Salesforce
Sync Samsung Galaxy S5 with Salesforce
Sync with Highrise
Sync Samsung Galaxy S5 with Highrise
Sync with Zoho CRM
Sync Samsung Galaxy S5 with Zoho CRM
Sync with SugarCRM
Sync Samsung Galaxy S5 with SugarCRM

About Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 was announced on February 24, 2014 at the Mobile World Congress. Even though the phone is an interative step up from the S4, there is a lot of new hardware to make it a worthy upgrade.

Big software problem for Samsung: reliable Outlook sync

“Even though we’re doing the software business, we're not as good as we are in hardware,” said Kwon Oh-hyun, vice chairman and chief executive of Samsung Electronics.

Desktop Microsoft Outlook synchronization has been a challenge for Samsung. Their KIES software ran into the wrath of users who found the last update to be, first, missing sync options altogether, and then, offering calendar sync but not contact sync. Those who have tried KIES for sync in the past are left asking more. Clearly, Outlook integration isn’t a money-maker at Samsung. With their tighter partnership with Google – which is incentivized not to promote Microsoft Outlook over their own Google cloud – will Samsung abandon Outlook integration altogether in the future?

How to reliably sync GS5 with Microsoft Outlook

CompanionLink's Samsung Galaxy S5 Outlook sync will fully support two-way sync with GS5. The device will ship with Android OS 4.4 (KitKat), which CompanionLink already supports. CompanionLink will offer USB, WiFi, DejaCloud, and Bluetooth sync with Galaxy S5 on both Windows and Mac platforms. You will also be able to sync Outlook with Gmail, and let Google handle the integration with the new S5. This is a great option for those who use Google's services as a hub for other connections. Click here for a list of benefits behind each sync method.