samsung note 10.1 outlook sync

Sync Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with Microsoft Outlook (no Exchange required), Act!, Salesforce CRM, Office 365 and other productivity tools

Contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, categories, and more.
USB, WiFi, or DejaCloud sync.

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Sync standalone Microsoft Outlook (no Exchange required) with Samsung Galaxy S4:

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Direct USB Sync

Securely sync Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and notes via secure USB.

Local Wi-Fi Sync

Sync with Outlook automatically via your local Wi-Fi network whenever you are near your PC.

Sync via Google

Sync Outlook contacts and calendar to Google. Your device automatically stays in sync.

CL Secure Hosted Wireless

Hosted wireless sync - $9.95/month. Secure wireless sync without the cloud.

What would you like to sync with Samsung Galaxy S4

Sync with Outlook
Sync Samsung Galaxy S4 with Microsoft Outlook
Sync with Palm Desktop
Sync Samsung Galaxy S4 with Palm Desktop
Sync with ACT!
Sync Samsung Galaxy S4 with Sage ACT!
Sync with Lotus Notes
Sync Samsung Galaxy S4 with IBM Lotus Notes
Sync with GoldMine
Sync Samsung Galaxy S4 with FrontRange GoldMine
Sync with GroupWise
Sync Samsung Galaxy S4 with Novell GroupWise
Sync with Time And Chaos
Sync Samsung Galaxy S4 with Time & Chaos
Sync with Salesforce
Sync Samsung Galaxy S4 with Salesforce
Sync with Highrise
Sync Samsung Galaxy S4 with Highrise
Sync with Zoho CRM
Sync Samsung Galaxy S4 with Zoho CRM
Sync with SugarCRM
Sync Samsung Galaxy S4 with SugarCRM

About the Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet

The Galaxy Note 10.1 boasts an industry-leading 2560x1600 HD resolution screen. This was the biggest complaint people of the its predecessor had, and Samsung came through with an amazing response for their users. The 16GB version is priced at $550 USD, clearly a statement to its premium quality when compared to the "other" famous tablet - iPad. The Note 10.1 doesn't fail to impress with its chrome-band feel, 3GB RAM, and powerful Exynos processor.

The Galaxy Note 10.1 is the defacto alternative to the iPad. If you want a tablet that doesn't run Apple's ecosystem, this is the device to buy. Samsung has perfected the UI with their TouchWize interface. The included S Pen makes content-creation more practical than tapping a virtual keyboard on an iPad.

The Note 10.1 is a great business device. What is clearly lacking is a business-class app that synchronizes with office systems that people use, like Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Google Apps, or CRM apps like Salesforce CRM, Act! and many others.

CompanionLink fills this void by syncing the Note 10.1 with PC software like Microsoft Outlook, and popular web services like Gmail, Google Apps, and Office 365.

Dubbed as a device that serves as your "Premium Suite", the Note 3 has the following hardware: