Sync Archos with your PC

Sync contacts, calendar, tasks and notes with the Archos 10.1 Tablet, Archos 7 Tablet Archos 43 Internet Tablet, Archos 32 Internet Tablet & Archos 28 Pocket Tablet.

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Sync standalone Microsoft Outlook (no Exchange required) with Archos:

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Direct USB Sync

Securely sync Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and notes via secure USB.

Local Wi-Fi Sync

Sync with Outlook automatically via your local Wi-Fi network whenever you are near your PC.

Sync via Google

Sync Outlook contacts and calendar to Google. Your device automatically stays in sync.

CL Secure Hosted Wireless

Hosted wireless sync - $9.95/month. Secure wireless sync without the cloud.

What would you like to sync with Archos

Sync with Outlook
Sync Archos with Microsoft Outlook
Sync with Palm Desktop
Sync Archos with Palm Desktop
Sync with ACT!
Sync Archos with Sage ACT!
Sync with Lotus Notes
Sync Archos with IBM Lotus Notes
Sync with GoldMine
Sync Archos with FrontRange GoldMine
Sync with GroupWise
Sync Archos with Novell GroupWise
Sync with Time And Chaos
Sync Archos with Time & Chaos
Sync with Salesforce
Sync Archos with Salesforce
Sync with Highrise
Sync Archos with Highrise
Sync with Zoho CRM
Sync Archos with Zoho CRM
Sync with SugarCRM
Sync Archos with SugarCRM

About the Archos 97 Carbon

The Archos 97 Carbon is a full-sized Android tablet; the first in Archos' "Elements" series. The affordable tablet feaures a full-sized external USB port - a feature not very common in today's tablets. The media-friendly tablet runs Android 4.0.

About the Archos 10.1 Tablet

The Archos 10.1 Internet Tablet device has two power sources: one internal, the other external. The internal source consists of a lithium polymer battery, and the external source consists of the power adapter and charger. When fully charged, it provides up to 36 hours of music playback time, up to seven hours of video playback time, and up to 10 hours of web surfing. The power adapter is included with the device.

About the Archos 7 Tablet

At home and on the go. The slim and light design of the ARCHOS 70 internet tablet makes it both portable and generous for sharing your best moments with your family and friends. All the functions of a computer: your apps, the Internet, your photos, music and videos, eBooks and 3D games.

About the Archos 43 Internet Tablet

The Archos 4.3 internet tablet comes with a 4.3 TFT LCD with 480x854 FWVGA resolution and multi touch facility. Equipped with an ARM Cortex A8 1 GHz processor with DSP and 3D OpenGL ES 2.0 Graphic accelerator, this palm-sized tablet is powerful in performance.

About the Archos 32 Internet Tablet

The ARCHOS 32 internet tablet is a fantastic 3.2" touch screen connected Android player able to play the widest range of video and music formats that you could imagine. You can download plenty of applications to extend its fun factor, connect to the Internet via a WiFi network, and even shoot videos with its built-in camera. And all of this, inside a pocket-sized device.

About the Archos 28 Pocket Tablet

The ARCHOS 28 internet tablet is the first WiFi connected Android device below the $100 price point. It offers a compact form factor with a 2.8 inch touch-screen, and yet a wide range of features such as video, Internet browsing and tons of applications downloadable from AppsLib, as well as a sharp music application every player of this form factor deserves.