iClink is now free

iClink, our application that runs on the iPhone and allows users to wirelessly sync with their PIM/CRM data, is now available for free from the iTunes Store.

This means that anyone who has a 14-day evaluation of CompanionLink Pro can download iClink for free and configure their PIM/CRM to sync with their iPhone.

For full details of how to wirelessly sync data with your iPhone using CompanionLink, visit: companionlink.com/iphone.

iPhone continues push into the business community

Small businesses are increasingly switching to the iPhone from other types of devices like BlackBerry, Palm and Windows Mobile.  While larger organizations have a harder time (understandably) switching infrastructure, smaller companies are making the move to add the iPhone to their business arsenal.

Here’s a link to the entire article: Businesses warming up to the iPhone

CompanionLink users don’t have to worry about whether or not they can sync if they switch to the iPhone.  CompanionLink offers complete two-way sync with the iPhone (both wired and wireless).