CompanionLink software update for BlackBerry Storm

BlackBerry Storm users will need to update their CompanionLink Express or CompanionLink Pro software to version 3042 or later. The update addresses a change in the new version of the operating system – BlackBerry OS 4.7 – that ships on BlackBerry Storm devices.

The update is only required if you have a BlackBerry Storm phone. You do not need the update if your current version of the software is working with your phone.

Customers can download the free update from here:

BlackBerry Storm

The BlackBerry Storm, their first attempt at a touch-screen device, is coming for thie 2008 holiday season. It will only be available through Verizon. Essentially, it boasts a touch-screen display with a tactile response. When you touch the screen, you’re actually pushing down on it. The screen moves down as you push. This is called haptics. I think “touch-screen” should be replaced with “push-screen”.

The device will run BlackBerry’s newest OS – BlackBerry OS 4.7. CompanionLink expects full compatibility with this OS and device.

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