Syncing overdue tasks in Google

When you sync overdue Outlook tasks to your Google account using CompanionLink, they now get summarized into a sorted list (by date) and entered as a calendar event for the current day.  The calendar event is called Overdue Tasks.

This is extremely useful for people who use Outlook tasks with Google, and tend to lag behind the due dates they set on those tasks.  Previously, you would loose sight of those tasks as they fail to show up on your calendar after a certain point in time.  The latest build of CompanionLink for Google fixes that by having all overdue tasks summarized for you in a single calendar event.

Here’s a screenshot of how Overdue Tasks look in your Google calendar.

CompanionLink to support the Acer Tempo smartphone series

Acer just announced a new line of smartphones called the Acer Tempo series.  All devices will be based on the Windows Mobile platform and will span the spectrum from low-end consumer devices to high-end business devices.

One device will even boast dual-SIM card capabilities so users can associate two different numbers (e.g., business and personal) with one phone.

Since CompanionLink supports all devices on the Windows Mobile platform, we will support these Acer devices from Day 1.

More info about Acer Tempo can be found here.

$129 for 12 months of Premium Support

UPDATE: As of June 1, 2011, Premium Support is now $129.

Free support is great when you have time. But what if you’re in a hurry to get answers?

CompanionLink’s Premium Support is like hiring a personal technician for your sync needs. Get in front of the support queue and speak with a single dedicated specialist. It is the fastest way to get your support issues resolved!

Here’s what you get:

# Front-of-the-line privileges for phone and email queues
# Single point of technical contact
# Senior customer-focused specialists on specific PIM/PDA setups
# Dedicated toll-free number
# Guaranteed next-day service on voice messages left during non-business hours

Read more here.

CompanionLink works with Google Sync (Beta)

This week, Google launched their free over-the-air sync service with iPhone and Windows Mobile devices.  They already offered this for BlackBerry devices.

Google Sync (Beta) allows you to wirelessly sync Google contacts and calendar events with iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices.

CompanionLink fits this puzzle by allowing Outlook, Lotus Notes and other PIM users to sync their desktop data with their Google accounts.  Once this data is in their Google accounts, it’s automatically pushed to their phones using Google Sync (Beta).

So essentially, with one license of CompanionLink for Google (runs you $29.95), you can have a complete two-way wireless sync solution between Outlook, Google, and your phones.


Sync BCM with Outlook/Exchange and BlackBerry

A common source of confusion is how to sync Outlook Business Contact Manager (BCM) data with Outlook/Exchange, and with your BlackBerry.

CompanionLink can do this.  In fact, it can do it in four different ways.

  1. BCM < > BlackBerry (using USB)
    Set up CompanionLink to sync your BCM data to you BlackBerry directly using USB.  Your existing BES solution will then push this data from your BlackBerry to your Outlook, automatically. (Cost: $49.95)
  2. BCM < > Google < > BlackBerry (using Google Sync)
    Set up CompanionLink to sync your BCM contacts and calendar data with a free Gmail account.  Then, use the free Google Sync service to sync this data to your BlackBerry. (Cost: $49.95)
  3. BCM < > CompanionLink wireless sync service < > BlackBerry
    Set up CompanionLink Pro to wirelessly sync BCM data to your BlackBerry.  Your existing BES solution will then push this data into your Outlook.  (Cost: $99.95 + $9.95/month for wireless sync service)
  4. BCM < > PIM (like Palm Desktop) < > Outlook
    We need the intermediary PIM because BCM data can’t be synced directly with Outlook (at least, not yet).  Set up CompanionLink Pro to sync BCM to a free PIM solution like Palm Desktop.  Then, set up another profile in CompanionLink Pro to sync Palm Desktop to Outlook.  Once this data is in Outlook, your existing BES solution will push that to your BlackBerry.  Please note: you’ll need CompanionLink Pro to do this; the Express version doesn’t have the ability to create multiple profiles.  (Cost: $99.95)

For more info about BCM sync, please visit this page.

iClink is now free

iClink, our application that runs on the iPhone and allows users to wirelessly sync with their PIM/CRM data, is now available for free from the iTunes Store.

This means that anyone who has a 14-day evaluation of CompanionLink Pro can download iClink for free and configure their PIM/CRM to sync with their iPhone.

For full details of how to wirelessly sync data with your iPhone using CompanionLink, visit:

A more powerful wireless sync (OTA)

It’s been nearly two years since we’ve launched wireless sync (over-the-air) for popular mobile platforms like BlackBerry. The newest phones ship with more memory and faster processors.  Wireless data connections are faster as well.  We’d like to tap into all this new technology to see how CompanionLink can improve our software and services.

Our engineers are working on ways to make our wireless sync protocol more robust.  Stay tuned for more details on what you can expect.

CompanionLink to support Palm webOS and Palm Pre

At CES 2009 in Las Vegas, Palm announced their new mobile operating system called Palm webOS.  They also unveiled the first smartphone based on that OS – Palm Pre.  You can read about it here.

CompanionLink will provide full two-way sync support for Palm webOS based devices, including the Palm Pre.  We’re committed to being the first to do so!

Sync Exchange 2007 with ACT!

DoubleLook Enterprise will soon be able to sync ACT! directly with Exchange 2007.  Our new technology will be a little different than what we have right now.  We will be able to run DoubleLook Enterprise on a separate machine (not your Exchange Server).  This will allow your IT department to leave Exchange alone (you’re welcome!).

Exchange 2007 has some new features and protocols that have allowed us to make the sync much faster than the existing version.  If you’d like to be a part of the BETA testing for this enterprise solution, send an email to with “DLE Exchange 2007 BETA” in the subject line.