CompanionLink software update for BlackBerry Bold users

BlackBerry Bold users will need to update their CompanionLink Express or CompanionLink Pro software to version 3041 or later.  The update addresses a change in the new version of the operating system – BlackBerry OS 4.6 – that ships on BlackBerry Bold devices.

The update is only required if you have a BlackBerry Bold phone. You do not need the update if your current version of the software is working for you.

Customers can download the free update from here:

The first to release two-way sync with Google Android

In staying true with our corporate culture, CompanionLink Software is the first company to annouce and release a two-way sync solution for Google Android phones.

Our software synchronizes contacts, calendar and tasks between Android phones and desktop software like Microsoft Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise, ACT! by Sage, FrontRange GoldMine, and Palm Desktop.

Read more details in the press release.