Ways to Make a Logo

Becoming visible in the marketplace, attracting attention, being memorable and recognizable is something that every brand strives for. Not only does it increase sales and the number of consumers interested in the services, but it is also very important for the competitiveness of any business. In order to stay in people’s minds, you need to develop the right brand identity, that is, a brand visualization that will work for you. First and foremost, this applies to a logo.

What Is a Logo?

The face and name of your brand that makes it not only unique and notable, but also tells the consumer who you are and exactly what you do. That’s all a logo is.

The look of a logo depends on the specifics of your brand, the occupation, the services offered, the tagline, and, of course, the name. The logo can look completely different, and consist of:


This is what’s called a graphic logo. It’s quite difficult to perform, but very effective for attracting attention. It can be an image of an object that is directly related to your business, or a character acting as a maxo.


Text logos are often a brand name. They are easier to implement, and concise, but have a number of nuances: to create a quality text logo is important not only to choose a harmonious font, but even the kegel and the language of writing.


The combination of text and image is one of the most popular logo options. It not only attracts attention, but also facilitates the process of remembering and recognizing due to the text. It can be placed both next to the image and be combined with it to form an emblem.

How to Make a Logo Online

From a technical point of view there is nothing difficult. Today there are dozens of websites and programs in the public domain, with the help of which you can not only create a logo, but also develop a full-fledged brand identity. The most popular of these are:

Graphic Editors

The most popular, and at the same time the most difficult way to create a logo on your own. Even though a lot of people know how to use such editors as Photoshop and Illustrator, the best way to apply their functionality in practice can only be specially trained people – designers.

Unfortunately, the designer’s work has a rather high price.

To create a logo on your own, using editors, it is better to give preference to minimalism and text logos, as more complicated options can play against you.


This is not only handy, but in many ways more understandable, especially if this is your first time creating a logo. Online designers are convenient because, first of all, they have a simpler and clearer interface than graphic editors. In addition, designers offer not only the opportunity to create a logo from scratch, but also provide various templates. Using them, you can create a quality logo that will not only attract attention, but will also be remembered by consumers, having a high competitiveness.

A good example of an online designer is Turbologo. Its main difference from many competitors – the platform does not require a monetary investment, and you can create a logo and download the finished version in vector format for free. The finished file has a high resolution, so the logo can be placed not only on business cards or other branded products, but also on advertising banners.

Turbologo offers a wide range of templates, ready-made elements, icons, and harmonious font pairs to help you create a logo of any complexity. Even if you do not have a clear idea, Turbologo can generate a logo, based on the type of activity, brand direction, name or slogan.

When creating a logo in the designer or in a graphic editor, it is important to remember that the logo should not only attract attention, but also be clear to the consumer and unique, able to be remembered.

Ways to Make a Logo was last updated January 12th, 2023 by Almas Soni