Introduction to Cisco Certification Training Course

What is the Cisco certification training course like? Because of the difficulty of Cisco Certification, especially Cisco CCIE, many candidates will learn better through training institutions, which is actually a very wise choice. Although it will incur some money compared with self-study, a reliable training institution has many years of training experience. With the help of systematic teaching and teachers, The possibility of passing Cisco CCIE Exam can be greatly improved. The registration fee of CCIE Exam is also very expensive.

So what is Cisco Certification training course like? Spoto will introduce it to you.

Cisco Certified Teaching – SPOTO CCNA Training Course

The first is CCNA. At present, CCNA has been integrated into one direction. According to the teaching plan designed by SPOTO, it takes about 24 days which is 28 class hours. The main content of this course includes four modules: basic principles of network, network access technology, network interconnection technology and network service. Through the study of these modules, students can understand the basic architecture of enterprise network, understand the basic principles of network communication, and master the network deployment and troubleshooting of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Cisco Certified Teaching – SPOTO CCNP EI Training Course

For there is only one direction in CCNA, SPOTO directly introduce the training course to you. CCNP and CCIE have different directions. SPOTO here will make an introduction with EI direction.

CCNP EI basic module course takes about 30 days which is 36 class hours to complete, mainly including detailed explanation of IGP routing technology, routing control technology, detailed explanation of BGP routing technology, IPv6 technology and advanced switching technology. In addition, there is a special module course, which takes about 14 days which is 14 class hours. The content of this course is mainly about wireless network design and deployment and the basic principles of network security.

Cisco Certified Teaching – SPOTO CCIE EI Training Course

For CCIE EI theory course, the basic module course takes about 20 days which is 22 class hours, including network infrastructure, transmission technology and solutions, as well as infrastructure support and services. The special module course takes 45 days which is 48 class hours, including SD – Access Elementary of software defined network, SD – Access Advanced of software defined network, SD – WAN Elementary of software defined network, SD – WAN Advanced of software defined network, and network automation and programmability. CCIE experimental courses require a lot of time, and practice is still very critical.

In SPOTO, Cisco Certification training courses help more students better learn the knowledge related to Cisco Certification through reasonable design. No matter you have CCNA or CCNP foundation or zero foundation, you can find your own corresponding courses. SPOTO has professional course consultants to answer online. If you have any questions about the course, please contact us.

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