Top 10 Book Writing Apps for Android in 2021

Perhaps, nearly every person who is intelligent and creative enough dreams of writing their own book. To write a book is a great opportunity to not only make some money and get some fame but also to tell people what you think and how you feel about something in a very interesting and metaphoric way. Yet, writing a book is a huge challenge that sometimes can be overwhelming, especially for those who write their first book. Nevertheless, modern technology is always there to help up, and such a task is no exception. Believe it or not, but you can even use your phone to complete a real masterpiece.

Technology and Creativity

While it may seem that technology and creativity don’t come together and can be easily countered in a discussion, this is pretty far from true in the 21st century and such a thought would not be quite relevant today. In fact, digital technology, by doing lots of routine tasks for us, helps us concentrate on more important things, such as ideas, which in turn boosts our creativity. As such, the author of the famous (or infamous) “Fifty Shades of Gray” E.L. James partially wrote her novel using her Blackberry phone while she was commuting to her work. Damon Albarn, a famous British musician and the mastermind behind Gorillaz and Blur recorded much of the material for Gorillaz since 2010 using the Garage Band app on his iPad. And the list can go on, so using technology for creative processes is a good idea.

Sometimes, our creativity can be helped out by the blend of creativity and technology. Lots of students noted that they get inspiration after checking out the best term paper writing service at TopWritersReview and looking at the examples there. Still, when it comes to choosing the right technology for your work, the challenge becomes more evident. So, here is a small list that can help you out with that too.

  1. Google Docs. This is quite an obvious tool to mention, perhaps. It’s recommended to use it with other cloud services by Google as all of them are powerful, user-friendly, and absolutely free.
  2. Microsoft Word. While Google Docs and other services are great, they are available only online. If you want to work with your documents without an internet connection, you should go with Microsoft Office, which is pretty similar in its organization.
  3. Draft 4. A lightweight and simple tool to make notes and draft your work. Doesn’t offer too much but helps greatly in organizing your thoughts and comes for free.
  4. Wattpad. Not only an app but a whole big social network for writers. You can write and edit your stories here and then make them public for others to read.
  5. Quip. An easy-to-use and multifunctional app that also comes for free. This one deserves attention for being a collaborative tool allowing to work with other writers.
  6. Write. A creative tool with a creative approach. With it, you can not only type your ideas out but also write them down using your stylus and touchscreen, thus, being able to roam freely in your thoughts and ideas.
  7. JotterPad. Another well-designed note-taking app that has an additional function of .docx and .pdf export, allowing you to work on different platforms.
  8. Scrivener. Not a free app but a very helpful one. It allows you to organize nearly every aspect of your work, including the goals and thought flow. Also, it’s available for free for 30 days.
  9. Freemind. This tool is not designed directly for writing, but it’s also great in helping with your organization. With this tool, you can create concept maps easily and in no time.
  10. Evernote. One of the most popular apps for taking notes, Evernote allows you to sketch your thoughts, organize them, and share to work on other devices.

Digital Boost for Creativity

That’s, perhaps, the only way to describe modern technology in creative processes. Exactly by being cold, algorithmic, and straightforward, digital technology allows us to focus on things more important to us and work more efficiently on our creative projects. The most important thing here is to make sure that you approach all the tools you need correctly and use them exclusively for the routine and monotonous purposes that would otherwise take your attention away from your ideas.


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