Useful Tips for your Car Rental Company in UAE

Starting a car rental company in UAE is a great venture as you are most likely going to interact with a lot of tourists, expats and international business magnates. The Emirates is one of the most welcoming environments for innovations and businesses. To further encourage foreign investment in the country, the government set up a lot of free trade zones.

The Emirates, home to about 9.5 million residents houses well over 8.4 expats and has an ever increasing number of tourists; the only exception being that this year is highly unlikely to surpass 2019’s record of 16.73 million for very obvious reasons. Translate that to business and you’ll know that there is so much bounty for car rentals. However, as is likely for all businesses everywhere, no matter how promising it is; you’ll ultimately fail in the business if you don’t get your game right. Below are ten useful tips to keep your car rental company above the haze in the UAE.

Focus on a Gap in the Market

If you’re not getting it right in the market, you might not be doing things the wrong way. You may just be doing the right things that everyone else does. This only makes you an option in the sac. It’s high time you toe the line not taken by many. You could target large business corporations; in this case, leasing a model from a particular brand for a long term will be cost effective. Should you target individuals, having a variety of brands will be more attractive. There is also an option of building a fleet for specific demands like vans, trucks or luxury cars where one or a couple of cars are enough to start the business.

Strategize Your Location

Getting a space near and around ‘hot zones’, will definitely optimize the visibility of your car rental company. Airports, terminals, hotels among others make quite a competitive location. Since a host of your customers are expected to call around these areas, the cost of delivering rental cars will be significantly reduced. If the cost is within budget, opening branches around such strategic areas will give your company a big boost.

Create A Strong Online Presence

Having a website for your business cannot be overemphasized. However, to distinguish yours from the rest, first your content has to be eligible and authentic. You can also use SEOs, sponsored posts and targeted advertisements to enhance the presence of your company online.

Open Branches Across Major Cities

Having a network of branches across major cities in all the emirates creates more convenience in delivery and pickup of cars. However, this option does not appeal as cost effectively to the smaller companies so you probably want to consider the ease of delivery, pickup and response to customer’s needs from your location before setting up other branches.

Build Good Customer Relationships

Customers are likely to keep patronizing and even recommend your car rental company if they feel satisfied with the level of treatment they receive. Free delivery and pickup of rental cars, free replacement in case of breakdown and soliciting customer feedback are appreciable tactics in the car rental business.

Update Your Fleet

To stay competitive, you need to periodically overhaul your fleet for newer models. No one wants to rent a car and look like he just time-traveled from the past, except it’s an iconic vintage like the Jaguar E type, Porsche 911 or a Mercedes 300SL Gullwing. Leasing your fleet on a long term from a manufacturer should see to the prudence of this tactic.

Create Partnerships

Forging business alliances with managers of airports, hotels and other big corporations is a great option to foster the popularity of your company. Rather than being all rivalry with the big players like Shift Car Rental in the industry, creating partnerships with them is yet another way to boost your stance in the market.

Fit your Vehicles with In-demand Gadgets

Install latest technology gadgets to further improve the experience when customers rent a car from your company. Technologies to aid disabled people drive or board vehicles are highly appreciable. A good deal of latest car models come with technologies such as GPS, trackers and driving aids, consider these when building your fleet.

Competitive Pricing is Key

Resisting the urge to recover your input from customers is vital in business although, literally, that is what it is. But realizing that your company’s integrity is just as important as making profit and that the integrity of the business churns up a lot more profit in the long run is the right concept for the business. Your car rental prices should be within range of other companies.

Reward Loyalty

Rewarding loyal customers is one way to keep them coming back. A free mile after a thousand miles has been hit or a bottle of customer’s favorite drink could go a long way to increase customer satisfaction level.

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