Can You Replace Your Mac With An iPad In 2020?

When weight and convenience are key, carrying around separate devices can be difficult or outright impossible. Understanding this is an issue for many users, we thought it would worthwhile to pursue alternatives. By using the example of modern iPads such as the iPad Pro, we want to investigate whether it would be possible to use a tablet as a replacement for a traditional laptop. What steps would need to be taken, and what could this path accomplish?

The User Experience

Before looking into the specific examples of what a laptop to tablet transition could do on a software scale, we first need to investigate the hardware.

Primarily, the concern here is one of input. While modern tablets are efficient in their designs, the lack of tactile feedback on even the most advanced models can create an enormous loss of efficiency. The best solution would be to simply adopt the use of traditional input devices whenever possible. Computer mice are extremely small and easy to carry, so this shouldn’t be an issue. Keyboards might be trickier, though folding devices could help with some space-related issues.

Adding to this is the idea of docking stations in physical areas. In these cases, simply plugging in your iPad can effectively turn it into a computer. The only other real concern is that of an additional hard drive. For all of their benefits, iPads have extremely small storage drives and because they are often not upgradable, external storage solutions can be essential.

Use Cases

As with any standard computing device, iPad capabilities are going to be limited by processing power and operating systems. For gaming, you might encounter confounding issues given the more limited library on Apple devices. That said, with some research, you should be able to find some heavy games like RPGs and FPS titles that have been ported to iOS devices.

On the other hand, lighter games such as the Genesis Casino mobile games are far more open in terms of potential platforms of access. Rather than requiring Windows, the likes of slots, roulette and card games only expect a modern internet browser to get the most out of the experience. Just note that heavier games will tend to be a much larger drain on battery life if you aren’t connected to a source, so a power bank might be a worthwhile investment for these types of gamers.

In terms of running software, practically all systems will work fine over all of Apple’s iPad range. It’s not just the base software here either, as syncing tools can also work to effortlessly link data over networks, into businesses, and to other personal storage systems.

Making The Leap

Far from the age of theoretical integration, replacing your iMac with an iPad is now entirely in the realm of possibility. In some cases, such as strict business work, you might even feel no loss of efficiency or a decreased experience.

The same could be said for general entertainment, where iPads can perform just as well as their iMac cousins. Games can be a little trickier, where the limited storage space especially can vastly favor smaller games over heavy ones. That said, with external storage solutions, most issues can be addressed.

Ultimately, the question is a personal one. If you’re interested in this idea, then try it out for a few weeks to see how possible it is with your lifestyle. For the right person, and with the right approach, moving from iMac to iPad could set a new standard.

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