Three Industries That Will Accelerate With 5G

5G has been in the news a lot recently, and not always for its ability to revolutionize internet connectivity and create what some are dubbing ‘smart cities’. A long list of industries are set to benefit from its mass arrival, but some sectors will reap the rewards of quicker connectivity more than others.

What Really Is 5G Connectivity?

5G connectivity is leveling up from our current 4G internet connections. It may just be the next step in a sequence of gradual internet improvements, but in reality, it is a huge leap. You can expect download speeds to increase by around 1000% and everything you experience online to be so much faster. Some smartphones already have 5G capabilities, and even locations around the UK have begun to experience this new trend. Yet, it is not widely available for everyone, and it may take some time before 5G smart towns and cities become a reality.

Three Industries Set to Benefit the Most

1: Online Gaming

Gaming apps made up the most profitable slice of the gaming industry in recent years as more people choose to kill commuting time and boredom with games on the move. With 5G connectivity, there will be noticeable less latency and lag when playing games form your smartphone. This opens the door for better visuals and allows game developers to make even better games. Online casinos are one beneficiary within the niche as their popular live dealer games – often exclusive to desktops – will become feasible from mobile apps due to 5G. Therefore, it’s no surprise that 5G will benefit multiplayer games on a smartphone. 

2: Sports

TV deals are a huge part of sports. For example, Premier League teams obtain much of their annual funding through TV deals and the rights for their games to be broadcast across the world. 5G could make these games more accessible via a smartphone, enabling sports fans to watch their team’s games on their smaller devices without experiencing frustrating lags at the crucial moments. 5G could essentials create more smooth sport streams to the masses and increase the value of these types of TV deals.

3: Vehicles

Finding smart Bond-like gadgets on our vehicles is not new. Many of us may own cars with the ability to park themselves, or some of us may already own a driver-less car. The bottom line is these vehicles function by obtaining vast amounts of data to create actions. They’re sophisticated and exceptional at what they do. Yet, 5G could make them even better and more importantly – safer. With 5G, these vehicles are less likely to lag in data collection and cause accidents.

How Long Will We Have to Wait?

For some reason or another, there has been opposition to the spread of 5G across the UK. This has mainly been fueled by incorrect theories and conspiracy theories surrounding data security and the Chinese Government. However, the UK Government pledges that this technology is safe and will benefit everyone to some extent.

We may just have to hold tight a little longer.

Three Industries That Will Accelerate With 5G was last updated June 4th, 2020 by Ron Evans