Fixes in companionlink.exe 11/02/2010 build 4022

*improved sync progress feedback for Android USB Sync
*added Wi-Fi Sync for Android (requires DejaOffice v1.8 or higher)

Fixes in companionlink.exe 10/21/2010 build 4020

*introduced rebranded product names, CompanionLink for Outlook, CompanionLink for Palm Desktop and CompanionLink FA
*added support for syncing with Pimlical
*fixed an issue with transfer method when downgrading from CLP to CLX
*fixed an issue syncing Outlook to Outlook where Outlook folders wouldn't load
*added support for syncing Memos to BlackBerry via CL Secure Hosted Sync (requires DejaLink build 82+)

Fixes in companionlink.exe 10/12/2010 build 4019

* Fixed an issue where synchronizing would cause some unicode characters to appear garbled in Outlook

Fixes in companionlink.exe 10/05/2010 build 4018

* Added support for synching user fields with Android USB.
* Fixed a bug where CompanionLink would occasionally report invalid Palm username for Palm Desktop version 6 configurations.
* Fixed an issue where the evaluation reminder message would pop-up more often than needed.
* Fixed a bug where autosync with webOS would remain enabled after disabling in CL settings.
* Added support for synching Outlook contact/calendar/task notes that contain more than 32k characters.
NOTE: This feature only applies when synching to another platform that also supports notes greater than 32k characters.
* General UI enhancements.

Fixes in companionlink.exe 9/27/2010 build 4017

* Fixed issue where all Outlook folders would sometimes fail to display in the Outlook Folders tab. This bug was only present when Outlook had a large number of folders.
* Fixed issue where CompanionLink would not sync Outlook calendar/tasks if you failed to configure your Outlook settings.
* Fixed issue synching multiple home email addresses from Android and webOS.

Fixes in companionlink.exe 9/21/2010 build 4016

* Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause the CompanionLink window to draw improperly.

Fixes in companionlink.exe 9/20/2010 build 3109

* * Fixed an issue where all-day events could sync one-day off with Android.

Fixes in companionlink.exe 9/09/2010 build 4015

* Fixed an issue where CompanionLink would sometimes crash when starting the sync via the CompanionLink Synchronize icon.

Fixes in companionlink.exe 9/02/2010 build 4014

* Fixed an issue where all-day events could sync one-day off with Android.
* Fixed an issue where sync with Android would not reliably start after initial setup.

Fixes in companionlink.exe 8/30/2010 build 4012

* Fixed an issue where CompanionLink would not always run in tray mode after initial configuration.
* Added support for synching Outlook addresses with more than three lines.

Fixes in companionlink.exe 8/23/2010 build 4010

* Added support for proxy servers that don't allow https connections.
* Fixed an issue where the CompanionLink installer could hang in certain upgrade scenarios.

Fixes in companionlink.exe 8/18/2010 build 4008

* Fixed issue with pictures syncing back to PC from Android.
* Improved duplicate checking when adding new records on Android.
* Fixed field mapping options for Android.

Fixes in companionlink.exe 7/29/2010 build 4006

* Added support for synching not-yet-accepted Outlook meeting requests (requires Outlook to be set up as the PIM).
* (Pro only) Added support for multiple profiles in DoubleLook mode.
* Added prompting for the user to switch between CLG and CLU when registering the product.

Fixes in companionlink.exe 7/20/2010 build 4005

* Fixed a bug where CL was not finding Palm Desktop users in certain cases.
* Fixed a bug where completed Outlook tasks were sometimes not deleted from the handheld device.
* Improved dupe checking logic.
* Fixed CL UI issues when synching with Android USB.

Fixes in companionlink.exe 07/12/10 version 4.0 build 4004

* Fixed an issue where CompanionLink Express could register as CompanionLink for Google for certain users.
* General UI enhancements.

Fixes in companionlink.exe 07/06/10 version 4.0 build 4003

* Fixed issues with upgrade registration.
* Various UI enhancements.
* Fixed a bug where auto-sync could be triggered incorrectly in some cases.

Fixes in companionlink.exe version 3.0 build 3101

* fixes an issue with Palm Desktop 4.x that caused categories to appear
with semicolons when syncing Android via USB
*fixed an issue where category colors would not sync properly

Fixes in companionlink.exe version 3.0 build 3100

* Fixed issue when syncing a completed recurring task on Android not receiving the next instance when syncing to Outlook.
* Fixed issue with linking info not transferring from Android to Outlook.
* Fixed issue with alarms not synching to Android for recurring events with past start date.

Fixes in companionlink.exe 06/09/10 version 3.0 build 3099

* fixes "Invalid Database…" error with WebOS USB
* adds new sync functions for Android USB (Calendar contact links, Multiple category support, and Private fields)

Fixes in companionlink.exe 06/07/10 version 3.0 build 3098

*added field mapping tab for Android USB to Outlook sync
*improved duplicate checking

Fixes in companionlink.exe 05/12/10 version 3.0 build 3096

* Fixed a bug where alarms were ringing on Android DejaOffice for outdated recurring events.
* Fixed a bug where username fields in CLU were being truncated in certain cases.

Fixes in companionlink.exe 04/28/10 version 3.0 build 3095

* Fixed memory leak with BCM 2010.
* Improved stability with BCM 2010.

Fixes in companionlink.exe 04/27/10 version 3.0 build 3094

* Added Outlook 2010 support
* Added BCM 2010 support
* Fixed bug with recurring alarms not transferring to Pre

Fixes in companionlink.exe 03/08/10 version 3.0 build 3091

* Added ability to sync Android/Palm Pre USB to multiple PCs.
* Fixed a bug with Palm Pre USB that sometimes did not transfer deleted records.
* Fixed a bug with recurrence patterns for first weekday of month, first day of month, etc for Android.
* Fixed bug with Outlook recurring events when in a different timezone than the record and syncing to Android via USB.
* Fix a bug that sometimes prevented CL from correctly reading Outlook subfolders.

Fixes in companionlink.exe 02/05/10 version 3.0 build 3089

* Fixed bug for Palm Pre USB where modified records from the PC were sometimes not transferred.
* Added ability to detect when a Palm Pre or Android device syncs to a different computer, and transfers changes correctly.
* Fixed a bug that could prevent CompanionLink from synching on the PC when the sync is started from an Android device.

Fixes in companionlink.exe 01/22/10 version 3.0 build 3088

* Fixed a bug where the synchronization could continuously run when a webOS device is connected to the PC

Fixes in companionlink.exe 01/18/10 version 3.0 build 3087

* Added support for new Android USB sync method (requires CL USB Sync 1.2 or higher installed on the Android device).
* Fix for Palm Desktop 6.2 max note size being too small
* Added field mapping for User1-10 for Android direct sync

Fixes in companionlink.exe 12/29/09 version 3.0 build 3085

* Fixed an issue where upgrading Palm to webOS 1.3.5 could prevent CompanionLink from correctly recognizing the device.

Fixes in companionlink.exe 12/22/09 version 3.0 build 3084

* Added settings option to change the name order for Google/Android sync
* Fixed bug with Category Filters screen for Outlook so calendar records will now be filtered properly
* Fixed a bug where past alarms were sometimes being sent to Android devices

Fixes in companionlink.exe 12/17/09 version 3.0 build 3083

* New product; will eventually be merged with CompanionLink for webOS USB. See CompanionLink for webOS USB release notes.