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Not all contacts show in Android Contacts, phone doesn't show all contacts

There are several reasons people report that "Contacts are not showing" or "Not All Contacts Show" on Android. Here are some of them to work through:


Do they show in DejaContacts?

If so, then they are making it to the Android. In this case make sure native Contact sync is turned on:
a. In DejaOffice click Settings, and then Sync Settings
b. Check "Sync with Android Contacts App" and press "Back" twice
c. Long Press on Read Android Data, and choose Reread All Data, to move data to contacts

They show in DejaContacts but not Android Contacts

Be sure your Android Contacts are set to display all Groups.
a. Open Android Contacts, Hit the menu key.
b. Select Display Options
c. Tap the name of the primary contacts account, and tap on the account list to be sure all Contact Groups are selected.

If DejaContacts is empty, then the contacts didn't make it from the PC.

Check CompanionLink Settings - a contact count is on the lower left corner. If this count is zero, then no contacts were found to synchronize. a. Check your configuration settings to be sure the right files and folders are selected. b. For Outlook settings, be sure you have Category Filters set to "All Categories".

Google synchronization interferes

Sometimes the native Google Sync kicks on right when DejaOffice is synchronizing, and the two systems conflict or Google Sync removes records unexpectedly. To check this:
a. On Android Desktop, hit Menu
b. Open Settings. Select "Accounts", "Accounts & Sync", or "Data Synchronization"
c. Select the Google account (if available)
d. Uncheck Auto-Sync.
If this works, you can later turn it back on if you like. This problem only appears to affect first-time sync when a lot of data is being transferred.

DejaOffice is configured to sync with a different Android account

The Android contact application allows you to have multiple accounts - some that can synchronize to and from the application. DejaOffice has to pick one of these to read & synchronize to. By default, we synchronize to the Google or Gmail account.

This setting is located in DejaOffice Settings > Sync Settings > Sync with Android Contacts App > Contact Account.

When you create a new contact record in the Android contact application, the contact must be assigned to the account selected in DejaOffice. For more information on how to add a record to a specific account, please see our manufacturer specific notes: Android Native Account Settings