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Lotus Notes has an iPhone companion

Supports iOS 7, iPhone 5S/5C. Works with standalone Lotus Notes.
Sync Contacts, calendar, to-dos, categories, and notebook.

  • Contacts, calendar, to-dos, categories, and notebook
  • No server or IT configuration required
  • Works with iPhone's Caller ID, maps, and other built-in features
  • Choose from Wi-Fi or Secure Hosted Wireless sync
  • DejaOffice CRM app for iPhone included
  • to hold all Notes data in one place

How it works

CompanionLink keeps Lotus Notes and your iPhone device synchronized. You can save the headache of configuring a Domino Server beause no servers are required. Choose from multiple direct sync options between your Notes database and iPhone.

Our DejaOffice app for iPhone is included and seamlessly manages all Lotus Notes data. The app enables business features like color categories, integration with Caller ID, view and sorting by company name, and more.

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Sync Lotus Notes with iPhone via Wi-Fi or Secure Hosted Wireless sync.

Choose specifically what data will sync.

DejaOffice CRM app for iOS is included with your purchase.

"Worth every penny for the time and headaches saved!"
Cory Hinsz
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"...yours is the only one that can handle all data!"
Troy M

Lotus Notes data we sync with iPhone

  • Contacts
    • Names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses
    • Lotus Notes categories sync to iPhone
    • Contact notes
    • Birthdays
    • Contact photos
  • Calendar
    • Meetings and Appointments
    • Notifications
    • Recurring events
    • Custom recurring events (one way only from Lotus Notes to iPhone)
      Event attendees, location and room number
  • Categories
    • Lotus Notes categories (contacts, calendar, to-dos and notebook) sync to DejaOffice
  • To-dos
    • Priorities
    • Due dates
    • Complete to-dos on iPhone
  • Notebook (also known as Personal Journal)
    • Lotus Notes Notebook syncs to DejaMemos in DejaOffice app
    • Full note text (CompanionLink does not truncate your notes)

Getting started with CompanionLink

  • Install CompanionLink Professional on your PC.
  • Select "Apple device" from the list of device types.
  • Select either Wi-Fi or Secure Hosted Wireless as your sync method.
  • Select "Lotus Notes" as your database and configure options.
  • Click the Sync button.

Supported versions of Lotus Notes

  • Lotus Notes versions 4.6.7 and higher
  • No Domino server configuration required

Supported versions of iPhone

  • Any iPhone running iOS 7, 6, 5, and 4.3
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