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Sync Highrise contacts, tasks and cases with your phone or tablet.

You need CompanionLink Express or CompanionLink Pro!

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With CompanionLink Pro, you can sync more devices, more Act! fields, and do real-time sync between Act! and Outlook.
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How it Works

CompanionLink Express or CompanionLink Pro lets you sync Highrise contacts, tasks and cases with Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and iPad, Palm webOS, Windows Phone 7 and Windows Mobile devices or any Google/Gmail/Google Apps account.

You can also use CompanionLink Professional to sync Highrise with Microsoft Outlook and other PC databases.

Data We Sync

  • Contacts
    • Sort by first, last or company name
    • All standard contact fields; including name, company name, three email addresses and seven phone fields.
  • Tasks
    • Due dates with alerts
    • Completion status
    • Sort by date, subject, priority or category
  • Deals
    • Deals sync as tasks to the device
    • Deals will be marked with the phrase "DEAL:" in the subject line
  • Cases
    • Case Notes
    • Time Stamps

Supported versions of Highrise

  • Works with any HighRise Basic, Plus, or Premium accounts.
    *For CompanionLink to sync with HighRise, you must obtain a HighRise Sync URL.
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CompanionLink Professional

CompanionLink Professional gives you advanced configuration options for working with multiple mobile devices and CRM databases.

We recommend Pro if you want to:

  • Sync multiple PC databases
  • Sync multiple devices
  • Advanced sync options for ACT!
  • Realtime sync between two PC databases

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