Sync Google with Act!

Sync Act! contacts, calendar activities, contact notes and histories with Google

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You need CompanionLink Express or CompanionLink Pro!

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With CompanionLink Pro, you can sync more devices, more Act! fields, and do real-time sync between Act! and Outlook.
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What's unique about our sync solution?

  • Syncs an unlimited number of records
  • Syncs Act! with Google, Gmail, and Google Apps
  • One-time license option (no annual fees)
  • Works with your phone's Caller ID
  • Works with all versions of Act! (ACT! 3.0 and later) and Windows (XP and later)
  • Includes free US-based phone support
  • Full 90-day money-back guarantee
Sync with Sage ACT!Sync with Google
Product Features Express Pro
Device Profiles 2 5
Realtime sync between Act!, Outlook, and Lotus Notes (DoubleLook/DoubleNotes mode) -
Sync multiple folders/databases to the same device -
Sync Act! Opportunities -
Sync Act! Secondary Contacts -
Advanced activity mapping for Act! - sync activities by type to the calendar or task list -

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How It Works

Sync Act! contacts, calendar activities, contact notes and histories with your Google, Gmail, or Google Apps account. CompanionLink installs on the PC and syncs Act! data to your Google/Gmail account. Two-way sync is fully supported so you can make changes to data anywhere.

CompanionLink can sync your tasks to either Google Tasks or Google Calendar. More info .

Data We Sync

  • Contacts
    • Syncs all common contact fields, including (but not limited to):
      • Name
      • Addresses
      • Phone numbers
      • Email addresses
      • Birthdays
      • Contact photos
    • Contact notes and histories sync to the contact notes field in Google
    • Categories via ID/Status
    • Secondary contacts (Requires CompanionLink Pro )
  • Calendar
    • Calendar Activities - meetings, calls, events, personal activities, vacations, and custom activity types
    • Ring Alarms
    • Recurring and all-day events
    • Contact links to calendar activities
    • Assign appointment types and complete activities from the phone or Google account
  • To-dos (sync to Google Calendar as untimed events)
    • NOTE: CompanionLink provides the option to sync Act! to-dos with Google Tasks or Google Calendar. More info
    • Priorities
    • Due dates

What You Need

  • CompanionLink Express or CompanionLink Pro on your PC.
  • Act!.
  • A Google, Gmail, or Google Apps account.

Supported versions of Act!

  • ACT! versions 3.0 - 6.0
  • ACT! by Sage versions 2005 and higher (including the new ACT! 2013):
    • Sage ACT! Premium
    • Sage ACT! Pro
    • ACT! by Sage Standard
    • ACT! by Sage Premium
    • ACT! by Sage Real Estate
    • ACT! by Sage Financial

Getting Started

  1. Install CompanionLink on your PC and configure it with your Google username and password.
  2. Select which data types you wish to sync - contacts, calendar activities, contact notes and histories.
  3. Once configured, hit "Synchronize" and your data will sync between Google and your PC.


The CompanionLink home screen makes it easy to see an overview of your sync configuration.

Select the applications you wish to sync - CompanionLink gives you full control over your data.

Select different folders to sync with for each data type - CompanionLink works with your data structure.

"...a fantastic synchronization solution to synchronize with Google Calendar. "

David Ciccone

"CompanionLink for Google just works."

Michael H

"...a simple way to sync your Google Calendar with your Outlook calendar. CompanionLink for Google Calendar is worth a look."

Will Kelly
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CompanionLink Professional

CompanionLink Professional gives you advanced configuration options for working with multiple mobile devices and CRM databases.

We recommend Pro if you want to:

  • Sync multiple PC databases
  • Sync multiple devices
  • Advanced sync options for ACT!
  • Realtime sync between two PC databases

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CompanionLink syncs ACT! contact notes and histories

Contact note items will appear on the handheld device prefaced by the text "(Note)".

Contact histories will appear prefaced by the text "(History)".

To enter a history item on the handheld device, create a contact note prefaced by text in the following format: "m/d/yyyy (History)".


1/18/2011 (Note) Meeting was held on merger of two...

Any text entered into the contact note that is not formatted as a history item will sync to ACT! as a contact note.

By default, CompanionLink only syncs contact notes from ACT!. You can enable synchronization of ACT! contact histories in CompanionLink, under Advanced Settings -> Note Options.

Sync your PC tasks with Google Tasks

CompanionLink offers two options to sync tasks with Google:

  1. Tasks sync to Google Tasks. Your PC tasks sync to Google's native task list, however, Google currently does not sync tasks with any device.
  2. Tasks sync to Google Calendar. Your PC tasks sync to Google Calendar as untimed events. This allows your tasks to sync with your device via the calendar.

Both options are available in CompanionLink 5. If you rely heavily on tasks, we recommend using one of our other sync methods that syncs tasks directly with your device.