How To Sync Samsung Galaxy S4 with Outlook

Are you thinking about buying a new Android smartphone? And do you, like the multitudes of business-savvy professionals today, use Microsoft Outlook®? Your calendar is an essential resource for establishing, maintaining, and optimizing your daily schedule. It is critical for your productivity that your top of the line smartphone, phablet or tablet seamlessly synchronize with Outlook. Samsung’s Galaxy product line has proven to be hugely successful, and has a strong track record of reliability and mass appeal. In fact, according to Ars Technica, “the name ‘Galaxy’ could conceivably become synonymous with the word ‘Android.’  In some cases, it already has.” If you are wondering how to make your Samsung Galaxy S4 Sync with Outlook, the solution is CompanionLink.

Sync Outlook to your Samsung Galaxy S4 using CompanionLink

Samsung Galaxy S4 Sync with Outlook

As we noted last month, CompanionLink is ready, willing and able to sync Outlook with the entire Galaxy line, including the new Samsung Galaxy S4. The S4 has some very impressive specs, and a handful of very innovative new features – but at the end of the day, what matters is that you have an easy to use, functional tool which helps you to organize your life. If you want to have your Samsung Galaxy S4 Sync with Outlook, CompanionLink’s app DejaOffice for Android makes this a reality.

About DejaOffice and CompanionLink

  • DejaOffice is a free app available in the Google Play store that enables CompanionLink to sync with your Samsung Galaxy device.
  • Sync Outlook calendar, contacts, tasks, notes and journal entries to your device over WIFI, DejaCloud, via Google, or USB.
  • DejaOffice offers a fully featured calendar for your Samsung Galaxy device which supports all functional elements of the Microsoft Outlook® calendar.
  • Online setup guides are available here, in addition to free phone support.

Start your 14 day free trial today, and find your missing sync!

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  • doug

    I am trying the free trial but can not figure out how to sync my outlook 365 to my Samsung s4 via my home Wi-Fi. There does not appear to be that option on the menu

    • Rushang S.

      Please email me and I’ll have a technician reach out.

  • Native New Yorker

    Total BS….this program will NOT sync your calendar. I have called, re-set settings and still, no calendar on my phone. Total BS…DO NOT USE THIS PROGRAM!!!!!

  • CShingler

    Will CompanionLink also synch with a Kindle Fire HDX? I have that and a Samsung S4, and want something that will synch my Outlook with both.

    • Rushang S.

      Yes, absolutely. The best way to sync to multiple devices is to use our DejaCloud service. This allows a wireless connection between both devices and Microsoft Outlook.

      • Native New Yorker

        Lies, lies, lies….

  • LG

    Since upgrading to Samsung 4 my every time I synch my phone to the PC my appointments move forward by 1 hour on my phone. Is this a daylight saving error?

    • Rushang S.

      It could be DST. Please email me and I’ll assign a senior technician to check it out.

  • dgoldsm21

    does CompanionLink send my info to their cloud, or can I do a local sync over USB/WIFI without compromising my data?

    • Rushang S.

      No, CompanionLink can synchronize using either USB or WiFi (your choice)
      in a secure and direct manner. With either of those options, data is
      never hosted in anyone’s cloud.

  • Dieter Schmoes

    I have removed it from my phone and PC. You can’t sync the data what you have put on your phone to Outlook. Waste of my money:(

  • Al Hill

    Love the program, works great. support “Michael” great. Al Hill

    • Native New Yorker