The difference between DejaConnect USB and Mass Storage Mode

CompanionLink recently introduced a new USB sync method for Android devices calledSync Android via USB DejaConnect USB. This means that we now offer two methods to sync Android via USB – DejaConnect, and Mass Storage Mode.

Mass Storage Mode is our legacy mode that has been around since we started offering USB sync for Android over two years ago. It works by mounting the device’s SD card to the PC, and then allowing CompanionLink to read and write the DejaOffice database on the SD card. This worked well, although it required you to monitor the sync and tell DejaOffice when CompanionLink was finished with the sync on the PC.

Fast-forward to 2012. Google recently released the Galaxy Nexus – the first Android deviceGalaxy Nexus with Android 4.0 (also known as Ice Cream Sandwich). One of the big differences with this new operating system was that it didn’t mount the storage to the PC like it used to (it uses a new method called MTP). This means our old method, Mass Storage Mode, no longer works with these new devices!

We put our thinking caps on and decided that we had to start from scratch. We’re pleased to say that not only do we have a new USB sync method, but it works even better than our old method! DejaConnect USB is the result of those efforts.

DejaConnect works by utilizing a feature called “USB Debugging” on the device in conjunction with special USB development drivers (also known as ADB drivers) installed on the PC. This allows CompanionLink to interface directly with the connected device, resulting in a smoother, hands-free sync. Now, we can detect when the device is connected and start the sync automatically (this option is configurable).

Enable auto-sync for Android

We’ll be recommending DejaConnect as the preferred sync method going forward. DejaConnect supports Android 2.1 and above, including tablets running Android 3.x and new devices with Android 4.0. Mass Storage Mode supports Android 1.x and 2.x devices.

To get started using DejaConnect, follow this setup guide. You’ll need to configure both CompanionLink and DejaOffice to use DejaConnect USB, and make sure you install the USB driver for your specific device.

We hope this makes syncing a little easier for you! Let us know your thoughts in the comments

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  • Ken

    But it never ever works. I _always_ get an error message saying that an Android device was found, but can’t connect. I’m up to date on my versions of DejaOffice and Companion Link. I’m up to date on my adb drivers. The “fixes” suggested on the support page don’t work. I _always_ have to revert to wi-fi sync. What gives?